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This dupe has existed in private circles since before 1.09. can't fix it. can't detect it. If they could they would, right? The few that knew about this dupe went down one of two paths: Some chose the path of becoming god's in Diablo II: Having massive amounts of ingame wealth, helping their friends and clans out etc.

Don't be fooled by other sites and on ebay selling dupe methods. No one offers a complete refund if you cannot get the dupe to work. No one but me! Once you buy this, if you cannot get it to work, simply email me for a COMPLETE refund!

Here is some info about the Dupe Program:

  • This is a Private Dupe, meaning that few people know of it's existence.
  • 1.11b Compatible.
  • Works on ALL Realms (USEast - USWest - Europe - Asia)
  • 100% Undetectable. Warden ('s cheat detection software) doesn't even scan for this.
  • With this dupe, you can dupe EVERYTHING that is in your inventory! Not just runes.
  • The price of this dupe program is only $4.99! You can easily make several times that by duping one of your rare items and selling it on ebay!
  • Full 30-Day Money Back Gaurantee!
  • Click Here for a video demonstration of the dupe.
  • Only $4.99! Buy Now and you will be instantly taken to the download page!

  Buy Now!

Paying with a credit card (without a PayPal account):
You will see one of the two screens below, click on the button that is circled in red, and fill in the information that PayPal prompts you for.

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